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Best Neck Braces For Pain Relief 2023 – Reviews ✅

Neck braces became one of the must-buy items as shoulder problems get to be quite common these days all over the US. Where many citizens sleep with their soft cervical collars even in a little pain, there are several of us also exists who often disregard that common strain in the neck that we have after a long working day or after a sports activity.

Over the last few years, neck related issues became quite a quotidian problem in the offices as many employees need to spent long work hours in front of computers, quite often in a particular posture according to their sitting habits. In addition to that, corporate people also suffer neck pains as they could not get the required physical activity to make the bone structure of the neck flexible.

On the contrary, fitness-fanatic people also suffer from neck-related issues, majorly due to sports-related injuries. So at present, neck related supportive products such as neck braces or cervical collars became almost a household item for every family in the US.

Main Reasons for Neck Pain

Neck Braces

Most of the neck related issues arise from two major factors, overuse and injury. Sitting for long hours in front of mac or sleeping in an awkward position majorly contributes to the overused part. Not to mention, injuries can come to us in all possible ways or manner. Neck injuries are prevalent for people who love to play football or baseball. Moreover in many other sports like biking or diving, there is also a higher chance of neck injuries.

According to the 2009 report of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 14,390 neck fractures were treated that year at the emergency rooms, out of which 2,692 were sports-related injuries. As we all know, most of the body-contact games have a higher chance of injury, especially in the neck region. So it makes sense when we see our favorite NFL stars with neck braces.

But, why we need neck braces?

The neck is the uppermost part of the spinal column. And the cervical spine of our neck region is made of seven vertebrae separated by intervertebral discs that absorb shocks during our daily activity. Over the course of evolution, we developed this structure to safeguard the vulnerable spinal cord which runs through the center of the cervical spine. So when we get injuries in the neck region, it creates a higher chance of permanent damage due to the pregnable spinal cord.

Besides as after-surgery support, neck braces are now advised by all the doctors in the US for neck pains and soft tissue damage of the ligaments. Common neck problems like light injury or strain due to long work can be fixed through ice application and cervical collar use. Applying ice prevents swelling and muscle spasm, where neck braces restrict the movement of the neck joint during recovery.

And, which neck braces are the best?

Most of the customary neck-related pains and strains can be fixed through physical therapy bundled with the use of soft neck brace support. Now, there are several excellent products available online which can come handy for you. Besides, Amazon can get your chosen pair of soft collar neck brace right in front of your door in the quickest time possible. For the ease of selection, our team researched thousands of cervical collars and made a handpicked list of ten best cervical neck braces you can buy with full confidence.

Best Neck Braces

Here are some of the best neck braces for you by BracesBox.

RankNeck BraceBrandPrice
1Adjustable Neck Brace VIVE Check Price
2Ergonomic Neck Brace TOROS Group Check Price
3Low Contour Cervical Collae ProCare Check Price
4The Stifneck® Select™ Cervical Collar Laerdal CheckPrice
5 Universal Foam Cervical Collar Core Products Check Price
6Carex Cervical Collar Carex Health Brands Check Price
7Soft Neck Cervical Collar Velpeau Check Price
8Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace Nine Max Check Price
9 Tourmaline Portable Neck BraceTurkino Check Price
10JDOHS Air+ Inflatable Neck Brace JDS Enterprises Check Price

1. Adjustable Neck Brace | “The most reliable soft collar support”

This cervical collar comes handy in pain relief and injury support. In like manner, this easy to put on product restricts the neck movement while giving the desired mobility and comfort. An excellent choice for everyday use, this neck brace is actually a superior soft foam collar which comes in two sizes, that fits universally, along with two color options.

Moreover, this non-rigid neck brace can also fast-forward your post-operative rehabilitation. Comes with an integrated fastener and Velcro strap, the ergonomically designed VIVE neck brace provides a supportive fit while providing proper air circulation.

neck brace for posture by Vive

Check Price


The VIVE neck brace comes with Latex-free foam core which gives it complete flexibility. The core layer is intelligently wrapped with a breathable knitted material that provides maximum air circulation all around the neck. This soft and flexible neck brace can support your jaw and neck even while sleeping due to its contoured design.


  • Fits for all: You can adjust the neck circumference easily with integrated fastener
  • Contoured design for maximum comfort: The ergonomically designed contour cushions the jaw and neck
  • Superior pain relief: The intelligent design restricts the mobility to relieve the neck pain
  • Relieves cervical strains: The non-rigid collar relieves pains caused by cervical strains and sprains
  • Superior Material: Premium quality foam core wrapped with breathable knitted material
  • Easy to use: Comes with integrated Velcro straps to provide maximum ease of use
  • 60-Day unconditional guarantee: You can buy it with full confidence as it comes with a 60-day no-question guarantee


Size: Universal size (fits for all neck circumferences between 15” and 20.5”)
Width: 2 Options (4” – Standard version and 3” – Thinner version)
Thickness: 1” (for all versions)
Color: 2 Options (Black and White)
Weight: 5 ounces (Shipping weight – 4.8 ounces)
Contour: Designed to fit the chin dip closely
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • The $14.99 price tag of this budget-friendly product suits all
  • The inner foam is super soft which gives maximum comfort
  • The breathable outer layer gives sufficient air circulation
  • The contour provides adequate space for the chin dip
  • Extremely lightweight

  • No option for machine wash (You can only hand wash the product with mild soap)
  • The inner side of this neck brace is not padded

Our Experience:

I bought this product from Amazon which comes to my doorstep within two working days, which is surely a delight. After using this product on a daily basis, even while sleeping, I felt the product to be the softest neck brace available on the market. And as a long-neck guy, the 4” width of the VIVE neck brace provided me a superior fit. This cervical collar is undoubtedly a must-buy for anyone who needs added comfort with excellent support for the neck.

2. Ergonomic Neck Brace | “Best collar support with 100% cotton lining”

This ergonomic cervical collar provides adequate support to the neck and head, which in turn partially reduces the stress on the spine muscle and ligaments. Moreover, it comes with 100% cotton lining which provides maximum comfort even while wearing it for a long time. Besides, it is also quite an easy to wash product.

The superior design keeps the head in a neutral position while decreasing the chance of chronic neck muscle tension thus ensuring the quickest recovery possible. Besides, it also provides a light heat-insulation while reducing the stress building on the shoulder girdle muscles.

TOROS Group Ergonomic Neck Brace

Check Price


This ergonomic neck brace comes with a medium density foam core specially designed to provide maximum support. The inner core is wrapped in 100% premium cotton which is super wash-friendly. Moreover, the cotton lining of this product also offers excellent breathability during daily use, even on a sunny day.


  • Superior fit: Integrated with an extended hook and loop closure which ensures a perfect fit
  • Cotton Lining: The 100% cotton outer layer provides excellent comfort and air circulation
  • Specially designed contour: The ergonomic design offers a close fit while limiting the movement of the neck
  • Supports the weight of the head: The ‘tip of the mandible to sternal notch’ width provides adequate support of the head
  • Heat insulation: It keeps the neck warm during cold days
  • Durability: The specially manufactured foam core is as durable as the cotton outer lining
  • Absorbs moisture: The outer coating and strap absorbs the humidity and sweat


Size: Single size (Universal Fit)
Width: 4 Options (2 ½” – Pediatric, 3” – Child, 4” – Standard, and 4 ½” – Special)
Thickness: 0.9” (for all versions)
Color: 2 Options (Black and Beige)
Weight: 0.3 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Designed to fit the neck closely
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • The 100% cotton outer gives great durability with excellent beige looks
  • The inner core is super tough but extremely lightweight
  • The strap absorbs moisture as it is made of natural cotton
  • The ergonomic design provides cushioning support to the head
  • Provides mild heat insulation which is quite handy in cold weather
  • Extremely convenient for daily use

  • This product is not waterproof, so you cannot use it while swimming or water activities
  • The thick contour provides great supports but lacks comfort while sleeping
  • 30-day guarantee where most of the products give longer return/refund period

Our Experience:

It comes with several width options which are quite useful, especially for females and children, for whom 4” standard is quite large. The cotton outer of this product provides excellent breathability and heat insulation. The thick designed and specially cut contour offers adequate support to neck and head. Besides, the beige color gives it a stunning look for everyday use.

3. ProCare Low Contour Cervical Collar | “Best neck braces with low contour design”

The low-contour neck brace collar by ProCare provides rigid support to the neck while restricting the movement of the head. Moreover, the Velcro strap allows sufficient adjustment lengths to ensure a tight fit around the neck region. Ideal for cervical sprains, this soft neck collar support is specially designed for individuals with a short neck height.

Besides, this product comes with a cotton stockinette cover which provides excellent breathability along with extended durability. This medium density soft collar works like a charm during the post-operative rehabilitation.

ProCare Low Contour Cervical Collar

Check Price


The inner core of the ProCare Low Contour neck brace is made of latex-free soft foam which ensures the longevity of the product. The soft foam core also provides sufficient cushioning of the neck to quicken the recovery. Moreover, it comes with a premium quality 100% cotton stockinette which is wash-friendly and super durable.


  • Low-collar fit: Specially designed for individuals with short necks
  • Cotton stockinette: Superior 100% cotton outer liner allows maximum air circulation possible
  • Low-cut contour: The intelligent design provides sufficient rigidity without compromising the jaw movements
  • Fully adjustable: The Velcro closure allows a perfectly tight fit around the neck to ensure proper rigidity
  • Contoured chin dip: The low cut contour in the lower jaw region allows sufficient movement of the chin


Size: 2 Options (17 ½” – small and 21” – long)
Width: 3 Options (2 ¼” – small, 3” – medium, and 3 ¼” – large)
Color: White
Weight: 4 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Low contour design
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • The low contour design provides added comfort
  • Comes with a superior quality cotton liner which gives adequate breathability
  • Comes from the house of a reputed medical supply brand
  • Best product for females due to its low-cut design
  • The soft inner foam is completely latex-free
  • Ultra-soft inner core to provide maximum comfort during sleeping
  • The Velcro strap allows proper adjustability

  • The low contour design acts reversely for long-neck individuals
  • The inner core of this product is super-firm which is not advisable for outdoor activities

Our Experience:

The Low Contour Cervical Collar by ProCare comes with a properly placed notch in the front region which restricts the collar to slide down. Moreover, this super-firm product is low in width which gives maximum comfort during sleeping. Comes in three different lengths, this low contour neck brace is a must-buy for individuals with short neck heights.

4. The Stifneck® Select™ Cervical Collar | “Best neck brace for severe neck injuries”

Specially intended for a C-Spine bag, the Stifneck Select collar comes with adjustable locks to ensure a tight placement. Besides, the locks also secure the symmetrical alignment to provide maximum comfort, even while sleeping. As a heavy-injury product, it has grooves that allow pulse checks.

Moreover, the intelligently–cut grooves provide space for advanced airway procedures which comes handy during serious sports injuries. In the case of a child patient, the pediatric version is fitted with a pink strap to make it easily accessible in an EMS bag.  In addition to that, the $16 price tag surely makes it a go-get product for budget-conscious people.

Laerdal Stifneck Select Cervical Collar



The medical-grade outer hard layer is extremely durable which provides maximum support to the injured neck. Besides, this neck brace is MRI and CT- scan compatible to ensure ease of access during emergency situations. The radiolucent outer is also beneficial during emergency X-rays. In like manner, the inner layer is entirely latex-free foam which gives sufficient comfort to the skin of the neck region.


  • Medically designed: A must-buy for people with severe neck or spinal injuries
  • Adjustable clips: to ensure easy adjustment of the height of the collar
  • Ultra-light: Even after being a hard-outer product, it is super lightweight
  • Specially designed for Trauma: Can be an integral part of your EMS kit
  • Proper air circulation: Specially cut grooves allow adequate ventilation
  • Superior inner foam layer: Relieves pressure of the pinched nerves in the neck region
  • Head support: The hard outer layer provides sufficient support to the weight of the head


Size: Single size (Universal Fit)
Width: 1 Option (Adjustable to all height)
Color: 1 Option (Multicolor)
Weight: 6.4 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Easily adjustable outer to provide maximum neck support
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • A much-needed item for trauma patients with emergency situations
  • Can act as immediate support during serious sports injuries
  • The rigid design completely restricts the movement of the neck thus ensuring faster recovery
  • Easy to clean due to its hard outer layer and washable foam inner liner
  • This lightweight product can be a travel companion during a heavy-injury recovery
  • An excellent item for after-surgery recovery
  • Super-fast shipping by Amazon

  • Less comfortable due to its rigid design
  • As a medical product, it will not give you a fashionable look
  • Not a daily-use cervical collar

Our Experience:

It is the most popular medical cervical collar in the US due to its quality which comes with a budget-friendly price. Mainly used for a severe injury, this rugged neck brace can provide maximum support to the neck while unloading the weight of the head while delivering further safety to the neck muscles. This ‘one size fits all’ product is definitely a must item for your EMS kit.

5. Universal Foam Cervical Collar | “One of the softest neck braces”

This ‘made in the USA’ product is fabricated with a low-density foam inner layer covered with premium quality 100% cotton stockinette. Moreover, the contoured design provides adequate space for the chin dips while giving maximum support to the neck. One of the softest neck braces, it is a must-buy item if you are searching for a cervical collar, especially for your sleep time.

In addition to that, the universal foam collar provides proprioceptive feedback to ensure maximum adjustability, even during daily activities. A must-have item for the individuals with neck pains, this foam collar can work like a charm.

Core Products Universal Foal Collar

Check Price


Made of 1” low-density foam inner layer, the universal foam cervical collar by core products can provide adequate support to fast-forward your recovery. Besides, the superior quality of 100% cotton stockinette allows maximum air circulation while giving you the desired comfort. Likewise, the outer cotton layer also makes it super easy to wash.


  • Super-Soft inner core: The inner core is substantially firm which maintains the head in a neutral position
  • Universal size: Fits for all up to a neck circumference of 24”
  • Washable outer: The 100% cotton stockinette is easy to wash
  • Proprioceptive feedback: The softcore adjusts its shape according to the neck region
  • Limits motion: The superior contour design provides maximum support while restricting the head motion
  • Bigger Velcro strap: The 3 ½” Velcro makes it super customizable
  • A great alternative to neck pillows: This soft neck brace can be your best travel companion


Size: Universal size (20” main body with 3 ½” Velcro strap)
Width: 4 Options (2”, 2 ½”, 3”, and 3 ½”)
Thickness: 1” (for all versions)
Color: Black
Weight: 0.8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Designed to fit the chin dip with proprioceptive feedback
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • An absolute winner for the individuals preferring soft collars
  • The 100% cotton outer layer makes it wash-friendly
  • The low-contour design keeps the head in a neutral position
  • Super adjustable due to 3 ½” Velcro strap
  • The low-density foam inner core is exceptionally durable
  • An excellent alternative for neck pillows, especially during travel

  • Too soft for serious injuries
  • Not suitable for individuals with a bigger neck circumference

Our Experience:

Not great if you need serious support for massive damages, but quite comfortable for everyday neck strains. A great travel companion, this product can be used as an alternative to neck pads. But unlike the pillows, it keeps the head from flopping in the forward direction. Besides, the ultra-soft core can be an excellent choice for the child in your home. Moreover, the $11.88 price tag is quite pocket-friendly.

6. Carex Cervical Collar | “One of the cheapest neck braces available online”

The $8 neck brace by Carex Health Brands is an absolute champion for those who want a budget-friendly cervical collar. Besides, it also provides a superiorly firm and comfortable fit to ensure better adjustability. The convenient ‘hook and loop’ closure of this product gives maximum adjustments even for individuals with shorter neck circumferences.

In like manner, the outer layer is made of porous cotton covering which allows better air circulation, even on a sunny day.

Carex Cervical Collar

Check Price


The inner core of Carex Cervical Collar is made of 1” soft foam which provides maximum firmness while keeping the head in a natural posture. The outer layer is actually a porous cotton cover that ensures excellent breathability. The combination of soft foam and cotton make it a daily-use neck brace you can have today.


  • Budget-friendly: Best for the people who wants a budget option
  • Ultra-soft: To allow necessary movements while restricting the neck mobility
  • Extremely breathable: The porous cotton cover allows better air circulation
  • Wash-friendly: the foam and cotton combination makes it easily washable
  • Neck brace for sleeping: The comfortable inner foam core provides great support while sleeping
  • Hook and Loop: The convenient closure ensures proper placement within a second
  • Absorbs moisture: The cotton outer absorbs moisture to a great extent


Size: Universal size (Best for neck circumference between 11” and 20”)
Width: 1 Option (3 ½ inches)
Thickness: 1.1” (Standard thickness)
Color: White
Weight: 4.8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: 3 ½” on the sides where 3” on the chin rest
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • The super-soft foam makes it great to use on a daily basis
  • The breathable outer layer makes it a sleeping companion
  • The cotton outer makes it washable, that too with ease
  • A great choice for shorter neck circumference
  • The contoured dips provide sufficient space for lower-jaw movements
  • Extremely cheap as it comes in just $8

  • The outer cotton layer makes it really damp during rainy days
  • Not recommended for individuals with greater neck circumference than 20”

Our Experience:

The soft cervical collar by Carex Health Brands comes in a single size that fits for all. Furthermore, the universal size makes it easy to use on light sprains for all the family members thus cutting the overall medical cost. In addition, the porous outer cotton layer makes it super breathable, especially during hotter days. Besides, the $8 price tag makes it one of the must-buy neck braces for all the budget-conscious individuals.

7. Soft Neck Cervical Collar | “Best ‘V’ shaped neck braces in 2020”

The specially engineered ‘V’ shape design of this Soft Neck Cervical Collar by Velpeau is one of the best neck braces for neck pain. Furthermore, the unique shape provides back and shoulder support during recovery. In addition, it stabilizes the vertebrae to provide greater assistance while relieving pressure in the spine.

The softness and flexibility of this product ensure you a great sleep by restricting the neck stiffness. Besides, this non-rigid soft foam collar also relieves headaches imposed by the cervical sprains and strains.

Velpeau Soft Neck Collar

Check Price


The Cervical Collar by Velpeau is a blend of premium quality and superior craftsmanship. This ultra-light neck brace is made of latex-free medium density mixed sponge inner core wrapped in a breathable outer layer. In addition to that, the outer lining absorbs moisture and sweat to make it odor-free even after using it for a long period of time. The premium layer of this product also keeps your neck cool even after continuous use.


  • Ergonomically designed: The ‘V’ shape design provides better support to the neck
  • A sleeping companion: The softcore allows great comfort while sleeping
  • Absorbs Sweats: Made of breathable and latex-free materials which also makes it dry and odor-free
  • Two stitching options: Has two options – stitching above or below the brace surface
  • Stabilizes vertebrae: This non-rigid soft collar literally realigns the neck vertebrae
  • Perfect fit: The adjustable Velcro at the back ensures the best fit
  • Premium Quality: A mixture of best material with exquisite workmanship
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Comes with 12-month no question money-back guarantee


Size: 4 Options (11 ½” – Small, 13 ¼” – Medium, 16 ½” – Large, and 18 ¾” – XL)
Width: 1 Option (3 ½” – front and 3” – side)
Thickness: 1” (For all variants)
Color: Blue
Weight: 4.8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Ergonomic ‘V’ shaped design without any contoured grooves
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • Super-soft and ultra-lightweight
  • The ‘V’ shape contour provides greater support to the neck and chin dip
  • Realigns while stabilizing the neck vertebrae
  • The ‘Blue’ color makes it extremely trendy
  • The Velcro strap makes it easy to adjust the tightness
  • 12-month money-back guarantee to the US customers
  • Quickest doorstep delivery by Amazon

  • Not suitable for customers looking for rigid neck braces
  • Avoid direct contact in case if you have skin bruises on the injured neck area
  • Can only be cleaned by hand with mild soap, no option for machine wash

Our Experience:

This impressive neck brace supports and corrects the neck posture while preventing the inbred strains. Due to its ‘V’ shaped ergonomic design, it earns its place as the most advisable neck brace for cervical spondylitis. Moreover, the trendy design with vibrant blue color that too in a $16.99 price bracket makes it an absolute winner.

8. Foam Cervical Collar Neck Support Brace | “Trendy neck braces with sleek design”

The sporty looking cervical collar by Nine Max offers accelerated pain relief and correction of neck posture. The core of this cervical collar is moderately soft which allows a sound sleep. In addition, the soft inner foam core offers adequate support to the injured tissues while accelerating the recovery. Whereas, the outer layer of this product is made of a skin-friendly cotton material which also allows excellent air circulation.

The specially designed contour in this neck guard stabilizes the movement of the neck so preciously that helps the post-surgery rehabilitation too.

Nine Max Foam Cervical Collar

Check Price


The premium latex-free inner foam is durable enough to make it a staple product in every family. Also, the core also limits mobility while quickening the tissue recovery of the damaged ligaments. Besides, the superior quality skin-friendly cotton outer layer makes it stands amongst the best cervical neck braces you can purchase in 2018.


  • Correct neck posture: The moderately soft inner core offers excellent stability to the neck region
  • Skin-friendly outer layer: The premium quality cotton outer cover keeps the neck warm
  • Lengthiest Velcro extension: The 4.3” Velcro extension is the lengthiest in its class
  • Easy to wear: The special design makes it easily wearable
  • Trendy look: Black color with bold lettering gives it a sporty appeal
  • Supportive contour: Maintains the alignment of the neck while assisting recovery
  • Sleep-friendly: Keeps the neck straight to avoid further damage


Size: 2 Options (Regular and Large)
Width: 2 Options (3” – Regular and 4”- Large)
Thickness: 1” (For all variants)
Color: Black
Weight: 0.8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Ergonomically designed to fit in the chin dip
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • Extremely skin-friendly due to its premium cotton outer layer
  • Superiorly adjustable for its 4.3” Velcro strap
  • Keeps the neck posture straight while supporting the weight of the head
  • Premium quality inner foam act as an insulator which keeps the neck warm in colder weather
  • The black color gives it a trendy look
  • Amazingly comfortable for sleeping
  • Can be a replacement of neck pillows in a long flight journey

  • Comes in only two variants and one color
  • Too bulky to use as a neck brace for motocross

Our Experience:

It is by far the best looking regular neck brace that we came across. The all-black look gives it a distinctive feel. Besides, the bold lettering on the exterior gives it quite a fashionable look. Needless to say, the skin-friendly cotton outer lining is best in its class and can be used as a soft cervical collar sleeping companion.

9. Tourmaline Portable Neck | “The best neck brace for cervical arthritis”

The specially engineered Turkino Tourmaline portable device is an excellent replacement for your old neck heating pads which need frequent battery changes. In like manner, it also helps to get rid of tangling wires. Embedded with three powerful magnets, this smart device keeps the problem areas warm. Besides, the magnets create a penetrating effect which is extremely helpful in acute neck pain, chronic stiffness, and muscle spasms.

The warm impact of this cervical neck support helps speedy recovery of the sports injuries. Moreover, it is extraordinarily pocket-friendly and an outstanding choice for multipurpose use.

Turkino Tourmaline Neck Brace

Check Price


The Turkino Tourmaline neck brace is made of top quality latex and cotton material. The inner core of this product is embedded with powerful magnets that don’t feel heavy while wearing. This smart cervical collar has a soft outer layer made of premium quality cotton which also makes it lightweight and durable.


  • Powerful Magnets: Creates a profound penetrating warm effect for faster recovery
  • Superior design and texture: The trendy look makes it extremely travel-friendly
  • Premium built: Made with best standard latex and cotton material which makes it soft but durable
  • A helpful device in acute migraine: Relieves the tense neck muscles
  • Multipurpose: Can be used as a traditional neck brace or as a recovery-assistive device
  • Family use: Your whole family can use it for their neck sprains and strains
  • Medically tested: Approved by CE and FDA


Size: Universal size (Fits for all)
Width: Universal size (Fits comfortably in all neck circumferences)
Thickness: Thinner than regular neck braces
Color: Black
Weight: 0.8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: Specially engineered magnets retain the whole shape
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • Enables four bio-thermal functions which create magnetic, negative ion, far infrared, and natural heating
  • An excellent choice for acute arthritis pain and neck stiffness
  • Sooth pains from fibromyalgia and meningitis
  • Three magnets provide ten variants of trace elements
  • Stimulates the production of collagen in the neck muscle
  • The $15.75 price tag is definitely a grand bargain

  • Comes with just one option and color
  • Too soft for a post-operative neck support

Our Experience:

It is one of the best FDA approved multipurpose neck braces you can find online. Needless to say, the powerful magnets increase its therapeutic use. A great product for family use, Turkino Tourmaline can act as a general neck brace that fits for all. Besides, the trendy look and sturdy design don’t restrict your office routine in the injury days.

10. JDOHS Air+ Inflatable Neck Brace | “The most useful cervical collars for neck pain”

One of the premium quality cervical neck braces you can buy confidently online, the inflatable neck brace by JDOHS is a clear winner in its category. This cervical neck brace gives permanent relief from neck stress and pain if used 2-3 times daily for 10 to 20 days. Besides, the inflatable channels relieve the pressure from cervical discs which also make it one of the best neck braces for cervical arthritis.

Best used as a cervical traction unit, the JDOHS Air+ can also prevent the forward-and-down head posture while using computers or cell phones. Moreover, the traction channels relieve the pressure build-up on the neck muscle while avoiding the stiffness.

JDOHS Air+ Neck Brace

Check Price


The JDOHS Air+ Inflatable cervical collar is basically made up of four elements. All three inflatable air chambers are made of high-grade nylon material which further covered by velvet to provide comfort on the skin. The hand pump and adjacent hose are made of high-quality rubber. Besides, the valves are made of industry-standard metals to give the device its durability.


  • Inflatable neck traction: The three-layer air chambers of JDOHS Air+ enhances pain relief
  • Adjustable pressure: Comes with a hand pump so that you can inflate it according to your comfort
  • Relief of acute neck pain: Really efficient if used thrice daily for 20 minutes each
  • Must need for laptop or cell phone users: Daily use of this device relieves the pressure build-up on the neck region
  • Maintains proper neck posture: The inflated air chambers entirely set the neck in a neutral stance
  • Sturdy built: Superior quality neck brace material with a sturdy hand pump and metal valve
  • Anytime-Anywhere device: Lightweight and can comfortably fit inside backpack or suitcase


Size: Universal size (Fits for all)
Width: Universal size (Fits comfortably in all neck circumferences)
Thickness: Variable as it is an inflatable device
Color: Dark Blue
Weight: 8 ounces (Shipping weight)
Contour: No specific contours or grooves
Shipping: Free domestic shipping option (US)

  • A must need for Gen-Y due to the regular laptop and cellphone use
  • Continuous use of thrice daily for 20 days can treat even the longstanding pains
  • No assembly required as it is a ready-to-use product
  • Built with premium quality nylon, velvet, and rubber
  • Instantly removes the pressure from cervical discs after a long working day
  • Prevents the lean-down head position while using smartphones
  • The $18.95 price tag of this traction unit is an absolute stunner

  • Only for both male and female with neck circumferences between 14” and 16 ½”
  • Cannot be used as a general daily-use soft cervical collar
  • Not suited for sleeping due to its rigidity while inflated

Our Experience:

A must-have item for anyone who uses laptops or mobiles for an extended period of time. Needless to say, inflatable neck braces are not for general use and is most useful as a therapy device. In a true manner, this device helps the speedy recovery of longstanding pains when used daily. Moreover, the compact design and ultra-lightweight make this neck brace so easy to carry even in your laptop bag.

The ultimate buyer’s guide for choosing the right neck brace

It is best to start the search for the required neck braces while having a specific demand set on the mind. You need to understand your actual requirements first, and to do that, start questioning yourself. Such as, which neck brace is best for motocross? And, if you are a swimmer or driver, you can plot the question accordingly.  And then start the search for the neck brace that you really and specifically require. In case if you have a doubt on where to buy neck braces, Amazon and several other e-shopping sites are there to help you.


As we already discussed in details, neck braces come in many sizes and shapes, and even for several useful purposes. It is best to use a sturdy regular neck brace if you are in your recovery period. And in case, if you need a medical-grade cervical collar for some severe conditions, you need to check the FDA approval first, and then search for a radiolucent neck brace. Suppose you need a therapeutic cervical collar than a regular neck brace. There are several variants available from magnet-embedded neck braces to inflatable neck braces.


Magnetic neck braces are the best replacement for heating pads that run on batteries. Moreover, it creates several other underlying effects rather than just heating the place. Besides, there are also a couple of options available in the online marketplace of the US which can be used simultaneously as a regular neck brace and a therapeutic neck brace.

As you all know, inflatable neck braces can’t fulfill the demands of regular rigid cervical collars. But, it is the best therapeutic device you can have if you are suffering from neck stiffness due to unnatural posture. As a matter of fact, when we use our laptops or mobiles, the head automatically tilts downward in a lean-forward motion to adjust our eyes to the screen or keyboard. And that unnatural posture builds tension in the neck region. And for these type of problems, inflatable neck braces with a light exercise regime is a clear champion.

Handpicked by our research team:

  • The adjustable neck brace by VIVE is a clear winner of the general category of neck braces. Comes with the sturdy and durable yet comfortable inner core, it comes in two variants with two color options. Besides, the $14.99 price tag makes it more attractive. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect balance of price and quality.
  • The Stifneck® Select™ Cervical Collar by Laerdal is the champions of the medical-grade category. The specially designed outer layer can handle serious damages as well as it is X-Ray, MRI, and CT- scans compatible. So you don’t need to remove the neck brace several times during a serious or traumatic situation. And, the $16 price earns its entry to the all-star team.
  • The JDOHS Air+ inflatable neck brace is the trend-setter of the multipurpose category. This $18.95 therapeutic product really helps to relieve the pressure build-up on the neck region after a long-working-day. Besides, this device also comes handy while traveling as it is easy to carry and lightweight.

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