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Best Neck Braces for Sleeping – Reviews

Neck pain is a problem and complaint from every second person in the world. It is always very uncomfortable that does not allow you to sleep. It can be due to poor posture, leaning over the computer, or hunching over your working desk. It is good to use the best neck braces for sleeping if you need a quick solution for your discomfort. Similarly, the neck pain does not allow anyone to sleep and keeps u awake the whole night.

So, in this condition, it is best to use a neck brace for neck pain. Sometimes, neck pain can be severely characterized by extreme problems. The neck pain causes severe pain in the shoulders, arms, and hands. Neck braces for sleeping are a smart solution to have a peaceful sleep. Being human, it is necessary to sleep calmly for at least 8 hours a day. If your neck pain is not allowing you to take a rest then get a neck brace for you. In fact, the neck braces for sleeping are helpful in the overall health of the body.

neck braces for sleeping

Symptoms of a neck Pain:

  • Inability to move your head
  • A headache and severe pain in the neck
  • Muscle stiffness and Spasms
  • Pain accompanied by holding your head in one place for the longest time. (For example, watching TV, driving, and working for unlimited hours on the computer)

Causes of neck pain:

The neck is a very flexible and delicate part of the body. In other words, a minor muscle pull or head injuries can cause serious neck pain. Further, any sort of neck pain can restrict the movement of it. The following are some causes of neck pain.

  • Injuries: The sudden forward and backward jerks of the head can cause severe pain in the neck and whiplash injury. Straining the delicate tissues of the neck can also cause pain.
  • Muscle Strains: Muscle strains are very common to happen. So, hunching for long hours on mobile, computer, or even reading can cause extreme muscle strains.
  • Diseases: There are some diseases that can cause muscle pain like cancer and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Nerve Compression: The bone spurs in the vertebrae of the neck can apply pressure on the nerves column of the body
  • Worn Joints: Similarly, like other joints of the body the neck joints also get a week with time. Osteoarthritis causes the cartilage between the vertebrae to disintegrate.

Features of Neck Braces for Sleeping:

  • Reduces pain and heals the neck
  • Improves the posture and minimizes tension
  • Take the pressure off the spine
  • Reduces stress to provide comfortable sleep

Types of neck braces for sleeping

There are mainly five types of neck braces available online as well as offline markets that are ideal while sleeping. However, there are mainly two types of neck braces that are readily available whereas the other three types are specialized braces to cater to specific health problems. The main variants of neck braces are as follow.

  • Soft Cervical Collar: It is the most common neck brace that is good for everyday use and even while sleeping. It is typically made of thick foam or rubber plates wrapped with cotton or other soft material. This brace usually provides moderate support and will help the neck to stay in a secure place. Besides, it will also restrict the movement of the neck to eliminate the chance of further injury.
  • Rigid Brace: This type of brace is typically used during post-operative recovery or during fracture. It completely immobilizes the neck joint while providing rigid support. However, this type of brace is quite heavyweight and is not ideal for everyday use. These braces are predominantly made with hard polyethylene material that is quite tough and can provide adequate support.
  • Philadelphia Collar: It is actually a typical stiff foam collar that mainly has two separate halves. You can easily connect these halves with Velcro straps. This unique design not only makes it extremely easy to wear but also ensures that you should generate the necessary compression force that is needed during recovery. It assures the greatest immobilization than the rigid neck braces.
  • SOMI Device: It is actually a Sterno-occipital-mandibular Immobilization Device is a type of rigid neck brace to maintain the alignment of the neck with your spine. Doctors mainly prescribe these braces if you have a curvature in your neck joint. It will also completely immobilize the neck region of your body so that it can heal faster. Besides having a front chest plate, it also has bars.
  • Halo Device: It is the most rigid brace that is available in the market and is typically used during heavy injury or for post-operative support. It not only completely restricts the movement of your neck but also provides a greater degree of support. Doctors recommend this brace during a major cervical spine procedure or during a major fracture. This brace can also work as a spinal traction device.

Neck Braces for Sleeping

Sleeping in a neck brace may sound strange and uncomfortable. Although, it depends upon the smart choice you make while buying a neck brace. Sleeping in a neck brace can be quite surprising and pleasant for you. Here, we have rounded up the best neck braces for sleeping for you. So, let’s have a look at them.

RankNeck Braces For SleepingBrand Price
1Vive Neck Brace Vive Check Price
2Neck Support Collar BackpainHelp Check Price
3Stiff Neck Brace NeoMadina Tech Check Price
4Velpeau Neck Brace Velpeau Check Price
5Neck Rest by Caldera Caldera Check Price

Neck Brace for Sleeping by Vive For Complete Protection

  • An incredible cervical collar that not only delivers optimum support but also ensures perfect stability to even the weakest neck joint.
  • By reducing the cervical sprains and strains, it also unloads additional load from the neck joint to alleviate headaches.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear as it offers a soft feeling in the inner section of the neck brace.
  • Assures much better support to the neck and jaw area to reduce the additional load from the weak joints.
neck brace

Check Price

Without any doubt, the uniquely designed neck brace from the house of Vive is one of the best neck braces for sleeping. It is also among the very few braces that offer unmatched comfort that is even ideal for sleeping. As this brace is completely made of soft foam, it offers a soft feeling even after wearing it for the whole day.

Not only just extra soft for your delicate skin, but this brace is also great for complete support. By assuring rigid support to the entire neck joint, this one offers much better protection. Besides, it also properly aligns the neck joint with our spinal cord to eliminate additional load from the neck joint.

By delivering complete support, this brace releases tension from the weak neck joint. Besides, this one also delivers a proper and comfortable fit to everyone. Moreover, it also offers further support to the already-injured neck joint. By using it on a regular basis, you can completely eliminate any chance of neck injury.

Made with high-quality latex-free foam, this one delivers greater comfort without harming the longevity factor. Besides, it is also very breathable to deliver optimum comfort even on humid days. Comes in a universal sizing option, this brace delivers a perfect fit to everyone in your family.

  • Made of premium quality latex-free material
  • Delivers an excellent support to the weak neck joint
  • Extremely breathable to deliver better comfort
  • You can wear it all night as it delivers the best comfort
  • Comes with an adjustable strap for required compression

  • Manufactured in limited stocks
  • Only available in the universal sizing option


By all means, soft cervical collar by Vive is the perfect brace to heal your neck injury. It really helps with the neck pain and also corrects the posture. Thus, the benefits of Vive neck brace are amazing and the price is very reasonable. Lastly, you will get a perfect sleep with this amazing brace.

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Neck Support Collar by BackpainHelp

  • Revolutionary cervical collar not only provides better support but also relief sore and weak neck joints.
  • Delivers maximum support to the injured neck joint to supercharge the overall recovery process.
  • Properly aligns the neck joint with the spine to correct the poor neck posture for unloading of additional loads.
  • Comes with an adjustable Velcro fastener to ensure better stability in the neck joint area.
neck brace for support

Check Price

As we all know, BackpainHelp is one of the most trusted names in the global medical industry. And now, they have launched the specially-designed neck support brace for complete care and protection. It is among the very few neck braces available online that can deliver rigid support to the weak and injured neck joint.

Designed by Harley Street specialists of the London Spine Clinic, this brace not only delivers additional support but also corrects the posture. It properly aligns the neck joint and vertebrate with the spine to unload additional pressure in the neck. And by doing that, this brace can alleviate even the most acute neck pain.

This brace comes with a unique design that aims to unload additional pressure from the neck joint. And it can also deliver the right comfort that you need during sleeping. Besides, this brace can also accelerate the overall recovery process. Moreover, it also eliminates any chance of further injury due to misalignment and neck strain.

Made with premium quality material, this neck brace offers much better comfort than any other neck brace available on the market. Besides, it is made of breathable material that lets it stays cool even in the most humid weather conditions. Moreover, it comes in three different sizes to ensure a proper fit.

  • Extremely lightweight neck brace for better comfort
  • Comes with a compact design for better fit
  • Delivers an unmatched protection against injury
  • Properly aligns the neck joint with spine
  • Particularly improves cervical posture

  • Moderate-quality Velcro strap
  • Comes in just black and gray color


Thus, it is the most wonderful neck brace for sleeping you will experience. In addition, it provides the best support to the neck and chin. This neck brace is designed with a great concept to treat so many neck problems in a single go. Lastly, I will highly recommend this neck brace as it is not only durable but also effective.

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Stiff Neck Brace by NeoMadina Tech

  • Featured strategically-placed natural magnets in the neck brace to hike the blood circulation.
  • Alleviate and reduce even the most acute pain caused by arthritis, stress, fibromyalgia, and meningitis.
  • Reduce the overall stress from the neck joint region to improve the alignment.
  • Escalate the immune system of the human body by the incorporation of natural magnets.
NMT neck brace

Check Price

If you are looking for the best neck braces for sleeping, Stiff Neck Brace by NeoMadina Tech can be the ideal solution. Many of us can’t sleep at night if we got our neck injured. Besides, we also can’t sleep if we have stress or twist-related neck injuries or even neck strain at night after a long day of work.

This neck brace can properly align the neck joint to reduce the additional load in the region. And by doing that, this brace can alleviate the pain. Besides, this brace can also provide much better support and protection in the neck area. So, you won’t suffer from any misalignment or stress-related injuries.

Made of extremely light fabric, this brace is extremely soft. Besides, this brace can deliver unmatched comfort even if you use it for a prolonged period. However, this brace is also quite sturdy enough to eliminate any chance of further injury. Moreover, it can also supercharge the recovery process through proper compression.

You can find traces of magnesium and iron in this brace that can help to increase blood circulation. And by doing that, it automatically triggers better blood circulation for a supercharged recovery phase. Besides, it also retains an optimum temperature in the neck region to further assist the healing process.

  • FDA approved to maintain highest quality standard
  • Made of latex-free material
  • Featuring effective tourmaline magnets
  • Properly targets the injured area for faster recovery
  • Made with the latest nanotechnology

  • Therapeutic magnets are less effective
  • • Only available in black color


Therefore, NeoMedina brace is an incredible product to sort out your all neck problems. Further, it is made with the quality materials that promise to lasts long. In addition, it does not only provide support to the neck but also improves blood circulation and mental health. Indeed, one of the top neck races for sleeping. Thus, you must try this neck brace and facilitate yourself with its amazing benefits.

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Velpeau Neck Brace, Soft Cervical Collar for Neck Pain

  • Featuring premium quality soft material to ensure better longevity and better comfort in any weather condition.
  • Provides utmost support to the weak and sore neck joint to give you a goodnight’s sleep.
  • Easy to wear and easy to maintain neck brace to compliment your daily busy work life.
  • Made of supreme quality EVA-foam is best to treat strains and sprains of the neck.
neck braces for travelling

Check Price

Without any doubt, Velpeau Soft Cervical Collar is one of the best neck braces for sleeping. It is probably among the very few neck braces that have multiple benefits. This brace not only just supports weak and sore neck joints but also quickly alleviates even the most acute neck pain.

Talking about usability, this brace assures a proper alignment of the neck joint with the spine. And by doing that, this brace can unload the additional pressure from the neck joint. You will not only feel relaxed after the removal of additional pressure but will also feel way more confident than before.

You can use it not only during sleeping but also during your travel. The easy-to-career design enables you to take it in your next business journey or even leisure trip. Made of sponge and stretchable foam, this brace assures better protection and comfort than any other neck braces specially designed for sleeping.

The high-quality material is lightweight but extremely durable. And you can comfortably use it for several years to come. Besides, this neck brace is also very breathable to ensure a sweat-free environment. Available in four sizes from small to extra-large, this brace also assures a perfect and contoured fit for everyone.

  • Latex-free odor-less material for regular use
  • Comes with a strong Velcro for proper adjustment
  • Available in a much cheaper price than other braces
  • Extremely lightweight and highly adjustable
  • Provides a stronger support required during daily activities

  • Manufactured in limited stocks
  • Need to buy the right size for a proper fit


By all means, this product is 100% genuine with extra best benefits. Neck braces for sleeping are always beneficial for your healthy lifestyle. In fact, you can use this brace while sleeping in a plane rather than borrowing the neighbor shoulder. In addition, they keep you pain-free with comfortable feel especially while traveling on a plane.

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Neck Rest by Caldera For Complete Protection Of Weak Neck

  • Provides a required and optimum compression in the neck region to reduce neck stiffness.
  • Extremely beneficial to reduce even the most acute neck pain caused by medical conditions, fatigue, sprain, and strain.
  • Delivers an adjustable and contoured fit to deliver the right kind of compression and support to the weak neck joint.
  • The multipurpose design delivers optimum support and is also very easy to carry.
neck brace

Check Price

Are you looking for something that can assist you to have a goodnight’s sleep? Then, nothing can be as helpful as this Neck Rest by Caldera. Needless to say, it is one of the best neck braces for sleeping. This brace not just assures better support and protection to the weak neck joint but also delivers unmatched comfort.

We often feel helpless at night when we can’t get enough sleep due to acute neck pain. And in that case, we need rigid yet comfortable support in the neck region. This particular brace can deliver you these things as this brace assures much better support without harming the comfort factor.

It supports the weight of your head to quickly relieve the additional load in your weak neck joint. Besides, it also properly aligns the neck joint with the spine. It is also equally effective to relieve pain in several medical conditions including arthritis, spondylitis, and low bone density. Besides, it can also become helpful in muscle fatigue.

Made with high-quality material, you can witness the extensive use of soft foam in this brace. The manufacturer mainly adopted this design to deliver better comfort. Besides, this brace is also very breathable to make it useful in humid weather conditions. Comes in a universal sizing option, this brace delivers a perfect fit to everyone.

  • Extremely trendy neck brace to compliment your outfit
  • Provides a strong neck support during daily chores
  • Assures additional support during sleeping
  • Comes at a reasonable price point
  • Extremely comfortable neck brace

  • Available in just a single sizing option
  • Best for temporary support


Hence, Neck rest by Caldera is best to buy as it offers multi-purpose benefits. Moreover, it helps to enjoy your traveling without suffering from neck pain. Lastly, I must say this neck brace is in fact great value for money. Buy this neck brace for sleeping and make your life easy.

So, these are the best neck braces for sleeping you can buy with full confidence. But, it is better to buy a soft collar with foam if you want to extensively use the neck brace for sleeping. If you are looking for generous support even for your daily chores, you need to buy a rigid one.

How long to wear a soft cervical collar?

Wear a cervical collar as long as your doctor has suggested. It just depends upon the severity of your neck pain. Most of the doctors suggest wearing it for a long time until or unless the pain gets better. If you feel that the pain is reduced then you can remove the cervical collar for a few hours a day.

Moreover, to get the best results one must wear it for a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum for 4-6 months. Consequently depending upon the condition and healing process of the neck. If you have minor pain then you can wear it at least 20-30 minutes a day.

  • Neck Brace for Sleep Apnea: The neck brace is perfect for patients with sleep apnea, as it keeps the airways open. So sleep apnea patients should wear it while sleeping.
  • Neck Brace for sleeping on a plane: A soft cervical brace is best to wear on a plane as compared to the donut pillow. Also, it keeps the spine in alignment form which helps to prevent soreness.

Best brands of neck braces for sleeping

There are several great manufactures present in the online market that now produces great quality neck braces that are ideal for everyday use as well as for use while sleeping. But, not all brands offer the same level of effectiveness in similar budgets. So, here are the best brands of neck braces that are good to use while sleeping.

  • Vive: This company has made its name as one of the most trustworthy companies in the United States. Besides, it has already established its reputation for providing affordable online medical supplies and supportive tools. Besides having a great range of products, this company is also known for providing unmatched customer support that is happy to help their customers.
  • NeoMadinaTech: Born in Malaga, Spain, Tony Medina first started this company after he had a tragic skiing accident. And during his recovery period, he tried everything to work on his pain management. With that huge experience at that time, he first launched natural magnetic therapy products that are one of a kind at the market. And now, this company also makes some excellent neck braces too.
  • BackPainHelp: Mark Critchley first established this company way back in 2010. And since that time, it has established itself as one of the best manufacturers of the neck brace that is not only affordable but also abides by the American guidelines. This company now has its presence in more than 50 countries all over the world and has thousands of loyal customers worldwide.
  • Caldera International: Headquartered in Oregon, this company is actually the brainchild of Daniel Godfrey who is not only an avid traveler but also a fitness fanatic. He believes in delivering the best items to his customers that are budget-friendly and abide by the American guidelines. And now, they have their exclusive online shops on amazon and ships all over the world.
  • Velpeau: This company has already created its reputation for manufacturing one of the softest neck braces that are available online and offline market. The products of this company are not just made with supreme quality products but also never give you a great pinch in your pocket. Besides, it has also made its name for assuring a super-fast delivery throughout this blue planet.

Save yourself from buying the wrong neck braces for sleeping

First, you need to strictly follow the instruction given by your doctor or medical instructor. They will guide you on how to wear a brace and what kind of neck brace will actually suit the specific need. And secondly, you also need to wear the brace properly to maximize efficiency. If you buy a good brace but wear it in an improper manner, then it will cause you no good.

A brace is also a must-have item after neck or spine surgery. And, you need to wear a good brace for at least 4 to 4 weeks or till you completely recover. You can choose a softer brace after a few weeks of your neck surgery but don’t completely stop using it until your doctor tells you so. And, there are several reasons for which you may need a neck brace. So, you need to identify the reason first and then look for the neck brace.

  • Neck Pain: It is one of the most common things an aged adult can encounter. And for that, a soft cervical collar can provide enough support that is necessary. You don’t need a rigid brace or a stiff one that completely restricts the neck movement in this scenario.
  • Trauma or Whiplash: Most of the patients encounter these issues after a road accident or after falling from a higher place. You need a good brace in this case that will completely eliminate the chance of any further injury without immobilizing your neck joint completely.
  • Post-operative Rehabilitation: You definitely need good neck support after going through a neck or spine surgery. Your doctor will suggest a rigid case in this scenario that will completely immobilize any kind of movement and will also provide complete and secured support.
  • Nerve Compression: Many people faces this problem where their nerves get super tensed and it causes pain and strains in the neck region. In this case, you can use a soft collar or gel-based neck brace that will ease the tension of your nerve as well as give you support.
  • Cervical spondylitis: It is one of the worst cases that can cause you extreme pain. And, millions of people worldwide are now diagnosed with this health condition each year. A cervical collar is a must-need item in this cause, although you also need proper medical support.

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